Add Merchant fields to WooCommerce offers

I’ve been asked several times how to extend the WooCommerce: Offers” field type to include the Offer schema with additional information like hasMerchantReturnPolicy and shippingDetails. Here’s how to do it.

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Yotpo Bridge for SNIP: Enhancing Structured Data with User Reviews and Ratings

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, structured data has become crucial for websites to improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. For WordPress users, the SNIP plugin has been a go-to solution for seamlessly adding structured data to their posts, pages and products. And now there’s an exciting new development that takes this functionality to the next level – meet the SNIP Yotpo Bridge plugin.

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Making sense of Order of properties and their meaning, the structured data markup vocabulary, is a valuable tool for websites to communicate effectively with search engines and other tools. It helps provide context about the content on your site, making it easier for search engines to understand and display relevant information to users. A common question is whether the order in which properties are used in markup really matters. Let’s dive into this topic and clarify things in simple terms.

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Understanding URL Formatting in JSON and JSON+LD

In the world of web development, data formatting is key. A common format used to structure data is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and its derivative, JSON+LD (JSON for Linking Data). Both are lightweight data exchange formats that are easy for humans to read and write, and easy for machines to parse and generate.

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Get ready for a revamped and supercharged SNIP: Update coming next week!

Hey fantastic SNIP users! I hope you’re ready for some great news, because I’m here to deliver just that. Remember the growing pains and sluggishness I talked about in our last blog post? Well, guess what? I’ve been working hard, tackling those issues head on, and now I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve made significant progress!

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Take SNIP to the next level: Speed, stability and your SEO success

Hello fantastic SNIP users! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. As you may have noticed, my beloved WordPress plugin, SNIP, which generates structured data for SEO, has been going through some growing pains lately. And to be honest, I never expected to have so many amazing customers like you, which has been both a blessing and a challenge.

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Working with userdata

In version 2.29.0 of SNIP it’s possible to target author pages, too. In this case you may want to include some userdata. Here is how that works.

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Using SNIP on Static Site Generators

Today I was asked by a customer if it’s possible to use schema generated by SNIP on static sites generators like Gatsby. The short answer to this is: not out of the box but in this article, I would like to give a few tips and assistance on how it can work after all.

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How to add block content

Since version 2.26. SNIP can add content from a block that was made with the new block editor (called Gutenberg). Here is how that works:

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Exchange of Ideas With Envato: No Arrangements

In one of my last articles about “Plugin Journey” I mentioned that I will contact the Envato author team again. Simply to bring attention to what irregularities there are, especially in terms of bulk sales. I think that they are/were not even really aware of it.

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Possible outage of

This post exists to inform everyone that had to move to another hosting provider. The whole site already moved but it can be that (due to I had to change IP addresses) that the site is not reachable from time to time during the next 48 hours.

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Garbage disposal, once a quarter

About two years ago I read the book “The Way to be a Successful Entrepreneur“. It’s a powerful book that I can recommend to anyone. Even if you don’t necessarily want to become an entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from it. Unfortunately it’s in German language only. Anyway, what I really liked was the idea of permanent “garbage disposal”. You can read in this blogpost what that means and how it relates to Envato and my SNIP plugin.

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Sales Funnel launched

It almost bothers me a bit that the wheels are turning a bit slower for me at the moment. I have to keep my one-year-old son busy half the day, so I can only work actively for the other half of the day. On the other hand, I also have a lot of fun spending time with him. Nevertheless, it’s really crazy that almost three months have passed since I had the initial idea to create my first sales funnel according to Brunson.

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7-fold traffic and no further sale. Wtf!?

Through my super agency sale, my plugin skyrocketed to #1 in the weekly charts at CodeCanyon/Envato. The traffic increased sevenfold in that time. However, I didn’t have more sales as a result. What happened?

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Bullshit bingo with 6 letters

Actually, it’s all awesome: I’ve been back at work since this week (I had taken two weeks “off” because of Easter and the office construction site I have at home) and just when it was starting to get fun with programming and blogging this happens!

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Freedom of thought & making plans

It’s been two weeks since I published the last article. I had vacation. If you can call it that. Because actually I haven’t had a real vacation for a long time. So neither this time. In this blog post you can read why the ” break ” was good for me anyway …

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The Coding Thrill

I’m falling into a trance right now! No… I’m not intoxicated or pumped with drugs. Haha! What I mean is the so-called flow state. That really exists. And I always get that when I dive deep into the code. You feel like you’re in the matrix.

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No subscription model for now

Today I had Mastermind, I was able to ask the group how I could use my plugin to make more money specifically, increase my sales or whatever. This is what the outcome was.

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Subscription model for a WordPress plugin?

I have often wondered whether a subscription model could be an option for me. I was always skeptical because I’m not really a fan of subscription models myself. But as a developer, I also see that especially for products that don’t sell that often, there can be an advantage. An analysis.

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What’s new in 2.23?

I’m super happy to announce that I was able to finally merge my Setup Wizard into the plugin! Yeah! The new version will arrive during the next days. Learn more about it in this blog post.

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Document, don’t create

Now the time has come. My setup wizard is ready. The final tests are still missing, but I am satisfied so far. In this blogpost, however, it would like to write about a completely different topic.

Last Friday I sent out my WordPress newsletter (which is only available in German). The reason was or is the upcoming new WordPress version 5.7, which should be released tomorrow (Tuesday). In my newsletter I also referred to the book by Russell Brunson (Traffic Secrets). This is a book I’m really excited about, after all.

One of my subscribers then let me know that he was reading it too. For him, the best statement was the following sentence:

“Document, don’t create.”

You might not understand what that means right away, so I’ll explain it again briefly. Russell Brunson wrote that you should regularly (preferably daily) share with your social media followers what you are experiencing. In the end, it’s about sharing your story with your product. After all, that’s what I do here on the blog in the “Plugin Journey” category.

What you do there is document! One’s own journey is nothing more than a documentary that goes on for ages! Of course, this is in contrast to pure “blogging”, where you have to really make something out of thin air. This has several disadvantages:

  • The topics are often limited. Or you are often simply unimaginative.
  • You are forced to write a lot of words (keyword: SEO), but to do that, you have to do a lot of research.

Everything takes way to much time. It’s better to write what you do the whole day.

But I can’t!?

Yes, you can! I now believe that absolutely anyone can do it! Because if you love your product and enjoy working on it, you’ll be happy to tell people about it. You just have to know which platform you should use. Russell Brunson describes the biggest platforms in the book:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • etc.

Of course, there are many more (TikTok, Twitch, etc.) that you can use as well. In the end, it doesn’t matter which platform you use. Because the only important thing is that you a) find your medium and b) also like the medium so much that you want to use it yourself!

Example: If you like to watch YouTube yourself, you’ve probably already thought about uploading a video there yourself. Then you are predestined for it! Certainly, writing is probably not your cup of tea.

That’s the total opposite of me. I like to write. Maybe also because I am relatively fast. I can write a 1000-word blog post within one or one and a half hours, if the topic fits. No problem. Instagram stories totally annoy me because social media (especially Facebook) annoys me. So I would never really be good at it. Ultimately, the distractions are too taxing for me, too.

Blog, YouTube and podcast are tops!

Now comes the big plus: There are a few channels that are really really awesome. And that doesn’t include Facebook and Instagram, unfortunately. Why not? Because the content is gone too quickly.

When I create an Instagram story, it’s visible to my followers for 24 hours. After that, the stuff is still stored, but it’s never found again. Google can’t index that stuff. All gone. Forlorn hope, if you will.

It’s different with your own blog, YouTube and a podcast. The content is indexed by search engines, anyone can find it at any time. Even after years.

Honestly, many of the readers, listeners or viewers come across someone usually very late. Russell Brunson, for example, only found Pat Flynn when he had already recorded his 100th podcast episode. But by then he was already extremely successful. As far as I can remember, he launched the podcast relatively late.

Anyway. What happens is that people binge past podcasts. That increases the benefit, of course, but also the click numbers. The same goes for YouTube or your own blog. No one even has the option of looking at past Stories on Instagram. A big disadvantage.

So it’s worth considering jumping on the bandwagon. Preferably as soon as possible.

But just “producing” something unfortunately does not work. Because behind channels like YouTube there is usually an algorithm that wants to be satisfied. YouTube SEO, so to speak. With a blog, you also do SEO.

Go for it!

As you can see: I’m excited about the book and believe that you can implement what’s in there really well and practically.

Go for it!

As you can see: I’m excited about the book and believe that you can really put what’s in there to good and practical use.

But now I am digressing too much. This blogpost came about because I couldn’t attend my mastermind meeting today, so I’m still a bit alone with my questions. But that will become already!

In the next blogpost I will present my almost finished setup wizard! Yeah!

Get marketing tips from customers

Remember? In my last blogpost I wrote about karma. In the book I recommended (Karmic Management) it says that you should even support your competitor to attract more positive “karma”. There are some impressive examples of this in the book. That this works, I see just again. Yesterday I received an extremely impressive e-mail from a customer.

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About possessive customers and the setup wizard

Actually, this post should appear tomorrow (my rhythm is currently Monday and Thursday) but since my son turns one year old on Friday (🥳) I’m trying to free up the day. But that’s just a side note. This blog post is about very possessive customers and the current status of my setup assistant.

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From course to purchase: The idea for my first sales funnel for my plugin

To deal with Google advertising for my WordPress plugin after all made me think over the weekend. As a reminder, I had planned to do this already, but I didn’t do it because my mastermind buddy stopped me. My target group was not well enough defined (which I had made up for in the above article, of course). Time to think about it again.

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The truth about negative comments

Just today I’m at a point again where I’m thinking to myself, “Why are you doing this?”. The reason is the next negative review of my free plugin on But read on…

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3 steps to more traffic with Russell Brunson’s backlink strategy

It’s time to write a bit about backlinks. You would think that backlink building is totally oldschool. I can already hear my readers screaming “this is so 2003!”. Honestly, I have no clue if what I’m writing here will work. But it sounds good to me. And I’m going to give it a try.

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Working towards the new Setup Wizard

Hóla! <- That’s Spanish. Would you have known? Languages is one of the things that has been on my mind since last week. And the new setup wizard. I already launched part of it (the Global Snippets Setup Wizard) but SNIP is supposed to be even easier. Here’s what’s going on with this.

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How to not create Google ads but find your customer avatars

This post is the second one this week. And already the sixth in the series “Plugin Journey”. In this post I would like to write something about Google advertising. Or rather, how not to do it. Because I decided not to buy paid advertising from Google for now.

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