WTF, a new competitor?

From time to time I suffer from low sales in a month. I don’t know really why this happens. Sometimes it’s seasonal, sometimes … well I don’t know. Even if you keep an eye on the numbers, you often can’t tell why that is. Because they usually always remain the same. But what if there is a new competitor in town?

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How to add schema to WordPress without plugin

From time to time I get asked if it’s possible to add schema to WordPress without plugin. And the answer is yes. Even though it’s super inconvenient if you want to add Structured Data to many posts at once. But read on to learn more about schema, Structured Data and the benefits in SEO.

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Update of the plugin page

Servus! (That is Bavarian for “hello”.) It’s me again, Florian, the developer of SNIP Structured Data for WordPress plugin. This is the next update about my plugin journey. Wohoo! It’s my second post. I’m doing this be because I’ve read the book “Traffic Secrets” from Russel Bruson and he wrote that it’s a good idea to share my journey with my product.

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I want to share my journey about getting more traffic

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well on this fourth of January 2021. I’m writing this blog post because I’m currently reading the Book Traffic Secrets from Russel Brunson. In his book, he writes that you should share your journey of you and your product. And why not take that as a good New Year’s resolution? And this blog post marks the starting point.

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SNIP Free is now live on

What an exciting time and Christmas present, both for me and for everyone who wanted to try SNIP before spending money. SNIP free is now available on w.orgs plugin directory.

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What’s next in SNIP? (Dec. 2020)

I grant you that: It was a bit quiet around the plugin over the past year. The reason was the work on other projects, which are now finished. So the development continues at full speed. And these are my plans for SNIP:

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Error on RDNS

In some cases the plugin may report an “Error on RDNS”. In this post I’ll cover what that means.

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Find weird issues using WP_DEBUG

For a developer like me it is impossible to achieve full compatibility with all plugins and themes in the WordPress ecosystem. In spite of all the care taken, it is simply the case that some plugins or even the theme will output a strange error. On this page you can find out how to locate these errors using WP_DEBUG.

Let’s say you have an issue on WooCommerce category pages. It’s a weird behavior that occurs but you know it only happens when SNIP is activated. You can do the following to get to the error log:

  1. Follow the guide here on how to enable WP_DEBUG.
  2. Also make sure you activate WP_DEBUG_LOG.
  3. Once this is done, navigate to the page where the problem occurs (in our case this would be a WooCommerce category page).
  4. If you’re already on this page, reload it.
  5. Download the file that you can now find in the wp-content folder using FTP. The file is called debug.log.
  6. Send the file (or the content of the file) to your support staff.

If you don’t get a debug.log file, the issue maybe not related to SNIP but to another plugin or theme, too.

Which schemas do I need?

From time to time, people ask me what schemas I would recommend. The answer is: you need to decide that yourself. Since Structured Data is part of technical SEO, it depends on your plans on your overall holistic SEO strategy. Here are a few tips.

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Corona Sale

Some of you already got an email from me saying that SNIP is currently on SALE. Here is why:

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How to add your own loop

Ivan sent a message over Twitter and asked how to get breadcrumbs to work with tags. As you may know from the How to use Loops to iterate over items tutorial, it’s pretty simple with categories because they’re hierarchical. That’s not the case with tags. So it lead me to this blog post which shows how you can create your own loop.

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How to generate Sitelinks

This will be a short post because Sitelinks – at this point in time – do not have anything to do with Structured Data.

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Search hits with ratings reduced by 40%

In mid-September, Google announced changes to the way Rich Snippets are displayed. By tagging websites with structured data, website operators can create more than just the usual snippets of title, text and URL. Now, it seems, the changes are through.

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What’s new in version 2.14?

Finally I found the time to write the “what’s new” blog post like I did it with the other updates before that.

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How to cancel your subscription for SNIP Pro

All subscriptions are handled by our payment provider Fastspring. So all subscriptions need to be handled on their site. In this post I’ll show you how you can access the subscriptions page.

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How to add comments into schemas

Benoit, a developer and very welcoming customer of mine, asked how he can integrate comments into this schemas. Here is an example field type that I’ve coded for him. Feel free to customize it the way you like it.

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Can I get a discount?

From time to time people are asking for a discount. To make it short: I’m afraid I can’t offer you any discounts due to technical reasons. Read on to learn more about this.

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How to add your own field type

In this blog post I want to demonstrate how you can create your own field types in SNIP so that you can calculate and integrate custom code into any field.

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How to renew your support

If you purchased SNIP on CodeCanyon, you subscribed to a 6-month (or optionally a 12-month) support plan, which automatically expires after this time. After that, you will need to renew your support in order to receive personalized support. Here’s how you can do that:

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First Impressions of the new Setup Wizard

I’ve just sent out an email to all subscribers to inform everyone about the things that are currently going on in my day-to-day job of making SNIP better and better. Of course I also want to keep everyone else up to date with the latest news. That’s why this blog post exists.

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